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ISSA Releases 2020 theme song featuring Ghanaian Music Artiste

The International Singer Songwriters Association  (ISSA) has released a theme song for ISSA 2020 awards . 

The  theme song, titled "One Song", a  collaboration of ISSA representatives from across the globe including Stevie Walton from the United Kingdom,  Arno Uit Ochten, Netherlands, Chris Michael, Canada, Michele Annunziata, Italy,  An Vedi, Russia, Corinne Barrett, Rhonda Huete and  Dolly Dunn all from USA, is trending on social media.

The Deputy Director for Gospel Music of the Musician Union of Ghana  (MUSIGA) who is also the International Representative for ISSA in Ghana, Daniel Agyin, popularly known as Goldmann, featured in the song. Goldmann Sang the first  verse of the song as well as other lines .

According to ISSA all proceeds from the sale of this single will benefit the Global Hunger Relief Fund.


The International Singer Songwriters Association was founded by Tamanie Dove, a singer songwriter from Nashville, now residing in Atlanta who is dedicated to supporting and serving independent artists, and encouraging aspiring and professional singers and songwriters in all genres of music worldwide. 

The benefits of joining ISSA as a valuable platform includes networking with other industry professionals and constant support from ISSA administrators and team members. 

The ISSA 2020 Awards of which Goldmann gained three nominations is scheduled for August 15 via online  on the  ISSA Songwriters youtube channel   due to the current global pandemic. All awards, according to the ISSA website, would be shipped directly to the winners.


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